Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga, A journey from yama to Samadhi.

ashtanga yoga I believe, it is yoga that chooses what path one has to teach & for me, Of all the different streams yoga discussed by Maharshi Patanajli, I know Ashtanga yoga has chosen me to spread its importance globally. The restraints; starting with Yama, disciplinary practices of niyamas & the culmination of both them into the Asana & pranayama practice helping one to reach Prathyahara & dharana and then meditating and reaching Samadhi is for sure to yield one the seed that was sown.

Each and every anga is interrelated to one another though they are different in name.

None can exist without the other ,the above are like eight rugs of the ladder. For one to climb to the second rug, you have to start with the first. Hence helping an individual acquire the knowledge knowing which everything becomes know. Being globally recognized for its importance in helping individuals over come one's own inhibitions, Ashtanga Yoga holds the key in changing the fate of an individual inside out. The true power of Ashtanga yoga can only be felt & acquired by purity & persistence practice. For without the underlying principle of yama & Niyama, The mere practice becomes acrobatic.

***Regular classes & TTC on Ashtanga yoga go on in both the shalas.***Refer the TTC page for more info