Chethan Nagaraj


Chethan Nagaraj is a senior Iyengar yoga teacher with in-depth knowledge in the Guruji iyengars teaching techniques. Chethan has been practicing for almost a decade now and has practiced with senior Iyengar yoga teacher Mr.Muralidhar for years.

Mastery in the usage of porps to further deepen the practice has helped students in correcting the alignment and helping them gain a deeper understanding of body & mind.

Students love his classes as it helps them learn in achieving a deeper level of relaxation and heal oneself, balancing all the fluctuations of mind.

Chethan is Harsha’s elder brother. The yogi brothers started their journey in a very early age traveling 10 kms everyday early in the morning to learn yoga for years. The interest in deepening the practice has led them to where they are. Coming from nothing , both of them have been moulded into one of the finest teachers.

Chethan currently teaches at the Yoga Patahshala in bangalore. The brothers have started teaching yoga all round the globe with worshops & retreats.And will soon be starting advance training programs too.